Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blog #178: I'm (sort of) doing the Whole 30.

I'm doing a 28 day version of the Whole 30 challenge. It's 28 days because I need to be done by Easter and previous engagements prevent me from starting until tomorrow and if I wait until it makes sense to do it for 30 days I won't have another chance until like August and I'm feeling pretty worn down and stomach achey lately so I would rather address it now. I'm going to try to avoid being all over my social media outlets about it by blogging my experience here. So, if you're curious about how things are going or want to read about my experience as it happens, this is the place.

You can read all about the whole 30 at

Today is day 0 for me meaning the challenge starts tomorrow, so, naturally today was ALL BETS OFF. I ate a bagel for breakfast, personal pizza for lunch with cookie dessert, and enjoyed good comfort food birthday party including cupcakes. I've also hit the latte train pretty hard the last couple days because dairy is out starting tomorrow and all my coffee will have to I am usually the girl that puts a fair amount of snickerdoodle flavored creamer and 2-3 splenda packets in the coffee each morning so this is what I foresee to be the hardest part. I'll still need the coffee though, so black it is.

Tonight was supposed to be all about saying goodbye to all the stuff I can't have but after working 7-3, braving an outdoor mall during the first warm day in KC in weeks, and partying HARD toy instrument style with my niece and 4 awesome nephews I am so spent that my last hurrah is a glass of wine and bed before midnight.  I've taken my before pic and weight and I know how my clothes and body feel now so hopefully in 28 days I'll have some tangible evidence of improved health. Wish me luck!

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