Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blog #162: Studio Success

That they do. I'm about to show you what happens when you productively channel emotions... I wish I had taken "before" pictures because this isn't going to look necessarily beautiful... Because I am not an interior designer and am not too interested in "decorating" a studio not designed for visitors. It's purpose is more my own haven of serenity... So while it is rough around the edges there at least isn't an overwhelming feeling of anxiety whenever I look around. I apologize for the lack of structured sentences in this paragraph.

You know, it took some time but I finally accomplished what I intended to when I chose to downsize to a studio. I got rid of some things, found a place for everything, and settled into a manageable living situation I can maintain. I seriously feel so much relief when I am at home now. To reward myself I ordered Internet that I'll self install Friday. And God said it is not good for Marissa to be without her shows. He said let there be Netflix. And it was good.

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