Friday, November 1, 2013

Blog #158: are you there blog? It's me, Marissa

Well. THAT escalated quickly. It really got out of hand.

One minute I'm pouring my heart out excited about my new job and new life and new possibilities and then all the sudden 7 months have passed and here I am all bleary eyed like I've just snapped out of a trance.

It's a whole different world from when I blogged last. I mean, the Chiefs are undefeated, Pitt State beat MOworst, cats and dogs are living together... It's like a weird parallel universe I never dreamed of being a part of.

I'm sorry. I really am. Not to the 3 people who ever read what I write here but to myself because this is a thing I enjoy doing and I let myself get swallowed up and overwhelmed and I stopped. And this wasn't the only thing I stopped doing. I stopped working out, I stopped having fun with my nails and clothes, I stopped reading as much... I basically spent the last 7 months In a haze of eating, sleeping, working, working, sleeping, watching Netflix, eating, drinking, and a couple sporadic other activities here and there to break the cycle.  Throughout that time you will also find some coping with family tragedy, relationship growing pains, no small amount of anxiety and fretting, and being just plumb tired. It's been an intense several months. I'm certainly not complaining as I'm convinced more than ever that in this world I'm definitively and unfairly one of the lucky ones - my own struggles included.

Don't worry about me. Things are okay. Pretty great even. And this is just a note to say that I think I'm back. No promises or anything but I'm settling in pretty well now in my new life and figuring out where things fit, and I'm pretty sure I am going to make room for this blog. I've been reading a ton lately which really gives me an itch to write, and blogger gives me a place to put my thoughts. Expect to find my musings here, with a lot less work stories than before because the most interesting (and often most hilarious) part of working in the mental health field is protected by HIPPA and they tend to frown on telling those stories on your blog. People are SO sensitive, I know.

Anyhow. Hey again. That's all.

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