Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog #160: on changes and choices and CHIEFS

Before I start anything I need to say that I have that show "The Doctors" on right now and they were talking about an anti aging procedure that could "turn back the clock on your face" which is a nice turn of phrase but then the graphic that went along with it just said in big letters "CLOCK ON YOUR FACE" without the first part of the phrase and now I just want to say that to people who frustrate me. "CLOCK ON YOUR FACE, MF-ER!"

Okay. Things in life can go from one way to another very quickly regardless of who you are or what you do. And I am no exception. So while now I am again navigating singledom instead of relationship-dom unexpectedly I'm not going to write about it or spend time on it because change is part of life and I don't feel like spending any more time on this change.

Instead I am making choices to manage my feelings - giving myself personal time to experience them but then taking action by doing things I know will ultimately make me better in a more lasting and permanent way than feelings exist. Feelings come and go and are fickle and change all the time. So, instead of spending more than minimum necessary time with indulging them, I am choosing productivity. That means that now I have a clean (though it needs a vacuum) car, and the beginnings of a system of organization in my apartment. And, because my mom is better than yours (not negotiable, sorry) I now have plans in place to spend 3 nights after work next week in organization and downsizing mode. AND - breaking news - a THANKSGIVING trip to Austin in addition to my already in the books New Year trip. So, plenty to blog about and focus on in the future. 

And, now for the most important thing: WE ARE SIX DAYS AWAY FROM SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL WITH KC/DENVER MATCHUP. Seriously aside from my organization mode, I am spending a lot of energy sending good chi to the Chiefs. While I'm not surprised at the media's disrespect of the Chiefs and actually believe that it serves a really motivational purpose for my team, it IS starting to wear on me. The Broncos have really had a very similar schedule as KC so far but no one questions their legitimacy as a team even though their one loss came from a team that this week got smacked down on by The Rams. The Rams. No, The RAMS. So, win or lose I need the Chiefs to go into Denver and show them through multiple, painful, smothering hits on Peyton Manning that they are for real. And then when Denver visits us in Arrowhead we can really beat down. I'm lighting the Chiefs victory lamp and considering finding a way to wear a little bit of red every day this week in solidarity. 

If you need me, I'll be the one quietly humming the Tomahawk Chop every spare moment I get over the next week.

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  1. Rock on Riss!! If you still need productivity time, my house needs a little organizing as well. Plus, I'm totally stealing your new phrase.