Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog #161: acting as if

Who doesn't love the surge of productivity that follows a major life change? I've felt the most confident at work this week as I ever have. That's not easy to do in the mental health field and I'm going to enjoy it because feeling on top of things is reeeeeeeal fleeting in my position and probably by next week I'll wonder how I even ever qualified for the job.
I have a theory about my level of production this week. While it's at least 20% coffee related (my coffee intake has at least doubled this week) I think the other 80% was a state of mind inspired by a small habit change I made. Instead of rolling out of bed and throwing on whatever and maybe doing my makeup maybe not and the "eh, messy bun is fine" for my hair... I got back in the habit of picking out and putting together an outfit the night before - accessories and all. I styled my hair in the morning. Did my makeup before getting in the car. I felt and looked more put together than I had in months. And what followed was a productive, together week. In a way it's a lot like the "fake it til you make it" mentality but I prefer to call it "acting as if". By choosing to "act as if" I have my shit together, I end up actually... Sort of having my shit together! 
Now, shit gathered or not, I reserve my right to TOTALLY LOSE MY SHIT during both the major football games I have interest in this weekend. It doesn't matter what I wear. 

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