Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blog #118: Things I did & Want to do

To review, in 2011 I:
Moved to a new & better office. Got heartbroken. Totaled my car on an icy highway. Had an awesome GNO with a limo from my boss. Got a new car. Got an iPhone. Saw every musical at Starlight. Traveled to Washington, Texas, Colorado, and Louisiana. Introduced my nephews to the mountains. Jumped out of an airplane. Had the best ever internship experience at Solace House. Went to my first country music concert. Went on my first business trip. Tried oysters. Chopped off my hair. Graduated with a Master's Degree and a cumulative 4.0. Made & consumed vodka gummy bears.

Here are 12 things I want to accomplish in 2012:
1. Read Gone With The Wind. Also on my reading list now that I'm done with grad school: The Help and The Hunger Games.
2. Visit NYC
3. Eat alone at a sit down restaurant
4. Keep a daily notebook.
5. Take a picture a day.
6. Work back up to my 20-mile week regimen once the weather warms up
7. Knit a scarf
8. Volunteer
9. Simplify - meaning I want to pare down & organize my belongings
10. Go on a float trip
11. Prepare a traditional home cooked meal with all parts made fresh or from scratch.
12. Send flowers to someone who needs a pick me up

I like the idea of a "2012 Bucket List" rather than resolutions. What do you want to do next year?

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