Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blog #116: Okay, here are real things I like

"Stuff" really does add up and I ultimately tend to provide for myself and therefore if I want something enough will get it one way or the other, but here are some things on my "want" list right now. This could be considered a Christmas list I suppose, only whether I get any of these or anything at all for Christmas is of little consequence because I much prefer giving presents to others to getting presents. Not in a "holier than thou giving is better than receiving" way but rather in a "I feel awkward when people give me things and would much rather selfishly make them feel awkward by giving them something" way. So I'm less of a good person than you think.

Of the images below, some are less specific and more representative of an idea. For instance: Statement necklaces, knit scarves, cowls, bold colored blazers, over the knee socks, fun texture/color tights, and feather earrings in general are on my list. The Keurig and the One Pass are fairly specific, and I do really love that exact coat from Old Navy. Size small probably. Also: BARE MINERALS FTW.
Christmas Wish List

Old Navy toggle coat
$65 -

BB dakota
$65 -

Forever21 floral lace tight
$13 -

Forever21 thigh high socks
$6.80 -

$48 -

Forever21 feather earrings
$4.80 -

Old navy scarve
$18 -

$28 -

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