Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog #114: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love December, even though I hate winter. Mostly because it combines two of my favorite times of the year: the Christmas season and the Division II football playoffs. Now, I am QUITE spoiled as a football fan because my team (ahem.. THE BEARRRRRRRCATS) has played football in December every year for the past several. This year is no exception and Saturday we have a chance to avenge our regular season loss against the Gorillas by going to their house and ending their season. I CAN NOT WAIT. I don't get to go watch it this time but believe you me I will be listening and hootin' and hollerin' loud enough to be heard all the way in Pittsburg, KS.

But I digress.

It's December now which means it's time to write my letter to Santa (SANTAAAA! I KNOW HIM!) Now, I'm pretty good to go on "things". And by good to go, I mean I have way more than I could ever hope for or need and my apartment is a disaster of stuff so my list is going to look a little different. Plus, since this is a list for Santa, I am not afraid to shoot for the stars.

1. Three (3) more wins for the Bearcat Football Team this season. This means that they would win this week against PSU, next week in the semifinals (likely against Delta State) and then again the following week in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Yes, I know all these events take place before Christmas but I consider that a plus. It gives Santa less to do on the actual day. I'm thoughtful that way.

2. An offense for the Kansas City Chiefs at the very least capable of getting a touchdown. Because when your team is so down on their luck that they have to sign KYLE ORTON you know you're in trouble.

3. I'd like my apartment to just magically be clean and in order. I don't have a ton of time to clean but I am craving a clean living space. An alternative to this would be my own robot butler to keep my apartment in order and feed my cat, as long as he doesn't become self aware and try to take over the world.

4. A guaranteed job in the counseling field beginning in the early spring.

5. An extra 3 waking hours that do not come from giving up sleeping hours every day.

6. Jason Segel. Basically I want to live our own version of The Muppets. I just know if I marry him we will get to hang out with Kermit all the time. Also, I would get a muppet version of myself created to hang out with the Jason muppet.

7. The ability to go to the sold out Florence + the Machine concert Monday.

8. The invention of a teleportation device so that I can visit all the people who matter a lot to me but live far away. (In places such as Austin, NYC, St. Louis, Colorado, Washington, etc) on a regular basis.

9. For Community to NOT be canceled or taken off the air midseason. Seriously, NBC. How dare you do that to such a brilliant show while still supporting the likes of "Whitney".

10. For my parents' Kansas City house to sell ASAP.

See, nothing major.

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