Monday, January 9, 2012

Blog #119: Hey, 2012. 'Sup?

I guess it's time to welcome 2012 on the blog.

2012. It sounds so... futuristic. To be honest, I don't even know the best possible way to pronounce it. Twenty twelve? Two thousand and twelve? Twenty Dozen? Dirty Dozen 2k? Whatever, I'll consider it a victory when I stop writing "2010" on things. That's right, 2010.

Things are good. I'd venture to say really good. I'm graduated and therefore done with internship so my evenings and weekends are my own, which  is a really pretty fantastic. I'm happily settled with the idea of spending at least a year in KC doing my own thing and figuring out one or two new things. That's going to be vague for a little bit longer. Maybe not too much longer.

Some random thoughts:
1. Life is weird. And awesome. I think I really like how things have a way of working out.
2. Sims Freeplay. If you have an iPhone at least. Best yet most addictive app ever.
3. So excited for some catch up time with a few of my favorite people this weekend, followed by a trip to STL to see one very important BFF the weekend after next.
4. Bright Eyes is SO GOOD.
5. Made a really sweet 2012 playlist on Spotify. If we're friends you should check it out. It's very reflective of how I perceive this year playing out.
6. I'm having a happy hour with a friend tonight BECAUSE I CAN DO THAT NOW. (When will this positively elated feeling of freedom fade? I hope never.)
7. I haven't found my sparkly tart Sweetheart conversation hearts by Necco yet but with the big V day only about a month away I have almost completed my first bag of Sweetarts Hearts Gummies, which if you don't know are basically like heart shaped purple sour gummy worms... SO THEY'RE AWESOME.
8. No matter how old I get, no matter what I'm doing, no matter how I feel: hearing this song on the radio makes me grin like an idiot:
9. I've been doing a pretty good job keeping up on writing this year so far. I mean, real writing in a journal, not on here obviously. I don't do it every day but I've kept up with it enough to feel like it's forming a regular habit. I also have a neat system where I am writing a phrase on every day of my awesome 2012 calendar to sum it up. It's fun.
10. Operation: Have a Respectable Apartment is coming along alright. I feel comfortable having certain people in my living room but my kitchen & bedroom still need an embarrassing amount of work. Maybe this week. Like Wednesday or something.

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