Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog #121: There's a MONSTER at the end of this blog post.

Don't worry Grover, I'm not talking about a real monster. I'm talking about the Green Monster Smoothie and I am in love. I've only been on the bandwagon for like 5 days BUT I've already noticed some very important trends since I've started drinking them in the morning.
1. I feel energized without going nuts on the coffee. In fact, I'm working on switching to tea more and don't go for it even until around 10am.(caffeine in coffee form is typically a necessity before 8am for me.)
2. I feel full and satisfied throughout the morning. I actually am not even that hungry for lunch type things until around 1:30pm or 2... and this is with drinking the smoothie before 7am.
3. I crave fresh, nutritious foods instead of junk
4. I'm more encouraged to get back into the workout groove. Now, I haven't actually full blown gone workout crazy YET. In fact, I tried to do a 30 day shred workout with Jillian Michaels yesterday and couldn't make it through. That's what grad school will do to you. In 3 years I went from running a half marathon to not being able to complete a 30 minute DVD workout. But, I'm more MOTIVATED because I've been monstering it up and that is my point.
5. I want to tell everyone about the Green Monster. This one is a little embarrassing because a) I kind of always thought those people were annoying and b) I'm so late on the bandwagon that everybody already knows. BUT IT'S SO GOOD YOU GUYS YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND.

I have been using this recipe from my favorite food blog, Iowa Girl Eats but am going to start experimenting with other flavors because we all know what happens when I get on a kick.

For more about green monsters, go here.

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