Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog #60: TGI 4 Day Work Week

Probably my favorite part of having a three-day weekend is that it precedes a shortened work week. Okay, that's not true. The best part is totally having three days off in a row, but only working four days after that is nothing to sniff at either.For me, it really meant that I got an actual weekend instead of just one day of rest. I see clients on Saturdays for my internship, so I generally don't start my weekends until Saturday night. So, how did I spend my extended holiday weekend?

Doing pretty much nothing.

I'm just being honest. I went to bed at like 9pm on Friday. Yes, 9pm. On a Friday. And I was OUT. I slept hard until it was time to get up and get to work for the day. Saturday night after I got back from internship I watched Baby Mama on TV while I cleaned my apartment. Thrilling.

Sunday was the real "holiday" of fun for me. I had brunch with a favorite of mine at Granite City. Their brunch buffet is TO DIE and I also splurged on the bottomless mimosa. There was so much deliciousness it nearly blew my  mind. I walked around Zona Rosa the rest of the morning with about a 3 month food baby taking residence in my belly. I used my eye for style to help my friend do some shopping, and accidentally ended up with a few things from Forever 21 myself. If I wasn't supposed to buy things, then WHY DO THEY HAVE SUCH CUTE THINGS FOR SO CHEAP? Anyhow, friends love to take me shopping with them because otherwise they don't feel like they can spend money on themselves. I need to have friends with me to stop me from spending too much money on myself, so it's a symbiotic relationship.

Sunday's friend festivities continued when another favorite of mine stopped by and we headed out to see The Hangover Part II. For the record, it is basically the same movie as the first one, only about 4 times more offensive, if you can believe that. I guess if it's not broken, don't fix it. I still was doubling over from laughter for most of the movie. Well, doubling over at times, and at times covering my eyes or turning my head out of the sheer discomfort of it all. More food followed that (though I thought I would never eat again after my big brunch) and then we settled in to watch an episode of Archer at my place. For the record, that show is so irreverent and ridiculous. I highly recommend.

Monday I had nothing to do. It was a surreal and fantastic feeling. I tried to go to the pool but it just wasn't sunny enough to make dealing with the local young ruffians worth it. Then, I was going to stop by and visit best friend as she packed but decided to wait until I heard from my sister in law about a possible visit with my baby nephew. While waiting, I accidentally fell asleep. A nap. I actually got to take a nap. Anyhow, I did wake up and head over to my mom's, where this guy soon joined me:
I'll give you a moment to clean up your melted heart from the floor. Mine is in perma-melt from the 2 hours that I got to spend playing with him.

And on that note, I'll leave you for the day. Hope everyone had either a momentously eventful or a gloriously uneventful (like mine) long weekend!

(PS: Margarita! Thank you so much for your kind (and so well constructed!) words. Blogger commenting was being weird when I tried to reply so I figured I'd just do it here. I'm so glad someone other than me enjoys my rambling!)

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