Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog #57: Little Victories

Thanks, Matt Nathanson, for the blog inspiration.

Life is a big undertaking, and I'm the type of person that always has a full plate. I don't want to make up my mind, I want to try everything. My life experiences "eyes" are bigger than my life experiences "stomach" so to speak. Like a kid at a buffet, I've filled my plate up and don't have room to fit it all in.

I want to be a counselor, a fashion blogger, a world traveler, a journalist, everything. I don't want to make up my mind. I want to be a grad student and work full time and have an internship but still do social fun things outside of that. But. There. Is. Not. Enough. Time. In. The. Day. Or even the week. Can I get the internship hours I need and still have time to make new friends, go away for weekends, and enjoy a concert or an occasional girls' night out without feeling guilty and irresponsible? Balance is not my strength. Priorities are stressing me out. Growing up is hard.

So, because growing up is hard and life is a big undertaking, it's easy to feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Big victories don't come easily or often, that's why they're called big victories. In order to be motivated to keep working for them, I choose to celebrate and get by on little victories. I finished the semester and hopefully with another round of A's. Little victory. I'm learning to be more on top of paperwork and phone calls at my internship. Little victory. I'm taking a little trip to Austin for the weekend. Little victory.

Eventually, they'll all add up to a big victory, and I can move on to the next item on my plate.

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