Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog #56: Isn't it fashion?

I am having the most fun "shopping" in my closet. Unfortunately, that's lead to a few incidences where I've accidentally shopped n other places too and added, probably needlessly, to my wardrobe in the past few weeks. I want to take pictures of my  outfits and post them so that I never have a day of what my friend Erica calls "wasted pretty" but I lack sufficient hardware. By that I mean I lack a quality super camera and tripod and remote with which to take pictures of myself. I'm working on that though, because I've recently started a new journey of sorts with fashion and how I see it in regards to self care and I woudl really like to pictorially document my ideas. Would anyone be interested in a fashion journey blog of sorts show casing my outfit choices for the day? Please let me know. Also, does anyone want to sell me an awesome camera for cheap?

You know what one of my favorite things in the whole world is? Seeing a little preschool girl who picks out her own clothes. Why? Because preschool girls do not care about matching or style rules. They wear what they like and what makes them feel pretty regardless of social definition of style and fashion. So what if they want to wear their Christmas dress with neon orange and yellow striped tights and pink cowgirl boots? None of it matches, the season is all wrong, and the proportions don't make any sense, but that little girl smiles because she feels beautiful. I've been really into fashion blogs lately, and it's added a whole new appreciation for the orignality of style. I look at some of these gorgeous ladies and what they're wearing and whether or not I think I'd ever wear it the way they do, I see that they are smiling like a preschooler who picked out her own clothes and feels so pretty in them. It's taught me to be a little less snarky about others' outfit choices. Granted, I still for the life of me can not see why people wear things that are so blatantly unflattering when there are options that would suit them so much better... but I'm mellowing out a litte.

I'm going to take inspiration from that approach in my own style. I'm a little old to really be able to pull off orange and yellow striped tights, but what I mean is that I'm going to start taking a few more chances with my wardrobe. I want to be a little less conventional, and I want to find a way to wear some pieces that I bought for special occasions that I haven't gotten to wear since. I've been holding on to this pair of metallic strappy heels since 2008 because they are gorgeous and I love them, but I think I've maybe worn them twice since the formal event I bought them for. Today, I found a way to mix them with bright yellow that really makes me feel pretty, even if it is a little loud and different. Who cares, right?

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  1. Ohmygosh, I just stumbled upon this and I want to intentionally stumble upon your blog all of the time now that I realize it's here (or maybe I knew it and added it to the Google Reader that I forgot to keep using)... ANYWAY, I LOVE THIS POST, Marissa.

    (and not just because you mentioned me, but that made me love it even more)

    Okay, working in an early childhood center, I DAILY THINK WHAT YOU SO ELOQUENTLY VOICED HERE ABOUT PRESCHOOL GIRLS AND THEIR WARDROBES. (that was a lot of caps that I'm sure Catharine would shun me for, BUT I'm serious!!!)

    I feel like I'm getting old or something because most women that are like 40 are the ones I hear saying this, but I truly feel more and more comfortable in my own skin (so cliche sounding I KNOW) but what I mean is that I want to wear things that I like too and sometimes if that means no one else understands why I wear baby elephant earrings than they just don't get to get it, because III (me trying to emphasize I lol) love them.

    Ah, this blog was perfect. And in perfect timing as I'm deciding what to wear to dinner tonight. I might just have to send you a pic with the fun I come up with!!!

    PS: We are so alike it's scary, because I would not only love to see a blog of your daily outfit creations, but while we were in Mexico, I told Ry I would love to do that, too! There's the benefit of a husband- he takes pics of your outfit for you, buuuut sometimes rolls his eyes. :)