Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog #51: Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

That's right, I'm about to blog about a few of my favorite things. I'll share the highlights of Walla Walla another time. I also have this idea for a story about going to a class I hate but I'm not sure if I can make it interesting. For today though, I've been thinking about some of the products and such in my life right now that I just really love and I wanted to share them with you, my faithful reader (yes, there's probably only one.)

. 1. Bare Minerals Makeup: Okay. I love everything about this stuff. It's light but still thorough in coverage in foundation. They have undereye bag concealer which is perfect for me because after I get home at 9pm I still have to work out, shower, and watch TV for an hour to wind down before I can go to bed. This results in much less sleep than my face would prefer. Bare Minerals helps me fool people into thinking that I'm polished and well rested. A few must use items for me: foundation, well rested undereye powder, high definition volumizing mascara, buxom lip gloss.

. . 2. Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy : I used the Daily Glow Gradual Tan last year and it worked well for me. To start myself off this year I have been using the Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion with Tint. It's not streaky and it looks really natural. I'll probably switch over to the other one as I spend more real time out in the sun as it has SPF. I'm not a naturally super pale person, but my skin looks blah and kind of pasty to me at this time of year so a little self tanner is a good self esteem boost. Bonus, no risk of skin cancer.

. 3. Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: I have been out of the workout game for a while because of my time constraints (see: bags under my eyes) but swimsuit season IS fast approaching and I am woefully underprepared. I really like this workout and have already noticed results even after doing it slightly inconsistently for only a couple of weeks. I'm picking up the pace on it for the next month because I have an upcoming opportunity to display my new swimsuit soon. The workout is only 20 minutes long but is intense and does create change. It also creates a strong animosity towards Jillian Michaels as your quads are burning and she says "Just 5 more!"

. 4. Tea: I don't have a link for this. I've just recently been drinking chai tea in the morning instead of coffee and black tea throughout the day when I need caffeine instead of coffee. I love coffee, and am not done with it forever, I just like the clean feel of tea. Plus, it has antioxidants, which are totally trendy right now. I use the Keurig one cup hot beverage maker at work and bring my own stuff in. That way I don't have to worry about being out of my favorite drink.

. 5. Tiny Wings on the iPhone: I'm not sure if this is my favorite thing or if I'm just obsessed with beating it. All I know is that I spend almost all of my mini breaks at work trying to get Herbert to "nest up" and learn to fly. You can do it, Herbert! .

. Well. That's all. Try the stuff I talked about and maybe they will send me free things, but probably not.

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