Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog #138: Wherein I beg for an Olympic Medal and am overly proud of myself for doing ordinary adult things.

You guys. I want to tell you how grown up I was this weekend. I mean, yes I took some naps and most of Sunday was spent in bed or on the couch but hear this: I was exceptionally adulty.

Maybe it's my new living situation that has me hyper aware of how I leave things because I did 2 cooking projects over the weekend that would have left my kitchen destroyed all week (month?) back when I lived alone. But not this time. No, I cleaned up after myself RIGHT AWAY and left the kitchen how I FOUND it like I was at my mom's house or something. Plus, these cooking projects were in order to plan ahead for lunches and dinners so as to avoid eating out! Just like I said I would! So instead of zipping out to spend $8-10 on a meal, I now have a good 8-10 meals that didn't cost me much more than that to make total!

Chicken Salad I made Friday night while being super-grown up.

Not only that, but Friday night. I did my laundry after only 2 weeks (instead of probably 6) so it was only 2 loads. Then, instead of leaving my clothes in the hamper or throwing them on the floor, I put them away immediately. That's right! No procrastinating. And while the laundry was going and chicken boiling for my chicken salad I ran the vacuum in the living room just for maintenance sake. Not because I spilled flour while trying to make cookies in front of my DVR (something that frequently happened at the old place.) Just because I thought, "Hm. It's been a few days since the living room has been vacuumed. Maybe I'll do that real quick." I also got my workout in even though my roommate was out and no one would have known otherwise. Friday & Sunday with their cooking projects and uncharacteristic cleanups were certainly one of my crowning moments in adulthood. And I went to work Saturday so that gets me grown up points too.
My spaghetti squash cooking project 

Lest I get too full of myself or you all think I've totally reformed, here are some "not so" adulty moments from the weekend:
- Saturday upon getting home from work at 3:30 I snacked on some Trader Joe's mini chicken tacos in bed before napping for 3 hours and then sitting in front of the TV watching the Olympics with a bottle of wine until 11pm. No workout. Oops.
- I didn't get out of bed for the day until after 11 on Sunday. And while I was working on my super adult spaghetti squash cooking project, I was also playing Super Nintendo with my roommate.
- We had wine and girl talk in lieu of a workout Sunday. Oops.
- Basically, every night during the Olympics has featured me on my couch for at least 4 hours straight.

May have spent an hour or so rocking the Super Nintendo.

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