Friday, August 3, 2012

Blog #137: On the whole August Challenge

Greetings, blog. As I mentioned the other day, I'm challenging myself to not eat out at all in the month of August. I promise this has nothing to do with the Chik fil a thing (though I would start to question my eating habits if I felt that my own patronage would make or break a fast food restaurant. I think I've eaten CFA maybe 5 times in my whole life. I just hope Chipotle never becomes so controversial that my mere consumption or desire for a burrito bowl reflects my character and personal life philosophy. Because I love my Chipotle burrito bowl and will miss it this month.) ** (Also, PLEASE read through the link on my last post re: CFA. I want to communicate about the tough issues with kindness and love and the recognition that very few things are as black and white as we'd like them to be. Culture wars be damned.)

Anyhow, the night of the 1st the boss actually gave me 2 tickets to go with my boyfriend to sit in the fancy seats at the Royals game that include all you can eat and drink, so I technically ate restaurant food but I didn't buy any, and this is really more about cost than consumption anyway.
very exclusive entrance

So close!
Here are my priorities for the August Challenge:
1. Save money!!! I haven't taken a HARD look at how much I spend per month on premade food, but the fact that I am averse to even thinking of adding it up means that I should concentrate more on groceries and learning to cook for 1-2 regularly than quickly zipping through my nearest Wendy's or Panera. The days of grad school are over and I have the time to spare, so there are no excuses.
2. Be Healthy. This takes #2 because I believe it's pretty much a side effect of preparing my own food anyway. Also because if someone (usually my boss on occasion, see post script) is going to bring in food from somewhere to the office and offer it to me, if it's something I love I will take advantage of the cost free treat! But health is a motivation here. My roommate and I have committed to doing the 30 day shred this month and have been adding in a mile jog/mile walk with it as well. Hopefully by making smarter food choices and doing the workouts I will start to feel less sluggish and fatigued overall. I can't wait to compare how I feel now with how I will feel at the beginning of September. Plus, my summer clothes are actually much more forgiving than my fall clothes when it comes to fit. The flowy skirts and dresses have allowed for me to fill out with BBQ and beer this summer and my skinny jeans aren't going to be so kind.

This whole thing was going to be a lead up into telling the story about how I was so dedicated to the idea of my "no eating out" that when I forgot my lunch for work yesterday I ended up scrounging until I found some raw broccoli and ranch I had left in the fridge and made myself some rice I found in my desk drawer flavoring it with old pizza hut parmesan cheese packets rather than go get food... but now I've typed so much that to tell that story in an interesting way would take way too much more time.

** Literally right after I typed that about Chipotle, my boss sent me a text telling me to place an order for Chipotle that he would pick up and bring in for lunch for several of us at the office. I kid you not. Yes, I will have a free burrito bowl and chips thankyouverymuch.

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