Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blog #136: Various things I Care to To Think/Talk About more than Chik-Fil-A

1. The Olympics. They are the best. I don't even know what's going ON when I see two people in what look like space suits waving swords at each other until one of them lights up for some reason but I'm still totally enthralled. Granted, my favorites are gymnastics, beach volleyball, swimming, and track... but I could literally sit and watch every minute of all of it in fascination. I watched what I think was water polo while working today. Oddly enough, even if my favorites were on TV for any other kind of championship that wasn't the Olympics, I'd probably yawn and watch reruns of Friends insteads. But, because it is the Olympics, it matters.
2. For my job today I googled the following things: hookah catering, strolling magician, stone temple pilots lyrics. My job is so fun.
3. No eating out challenge this month! I won't be eating at any restaurants... especially not the fast food kind (regardless of presence of waffle fries/polynesian sauce/alleged bigotry) because I need to save money and eat better anyway.
4. I am REALLY not interested in getting into the whole Chik-fil a thing but I like the way this blogger talked about it.

That's all.

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