Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog #133: Pardon the Thigh Shot

But these bruises are just ridiculous. You may wonder, "Marissa, what monster have you been fighting so fiercely with that you should have such discolorations all over your legs?" To which I would reply, "THE BOXES! All the boxes!"

See, I moved apartments over the weekend. It wasn't too major of a life event because I stayed in the same complex but I still had to load and carry boxes. These particular bruises are the fault of my arms because I have zero upper body strength. When I want to lift an exceptionally heavy box I have to bump it with my leg to get the proper oomph factor. Of course, I bruise like a peach so the oomphs have added up and left me looking like a tough guy. I'm going with it.

While it's not a huge move in regard to distance, the new location/layout of my apartment has me a little disoriented. Pre-caffeine this morning in the shower I almost shampooed my hair with spring fresh body wash. That might also have been due to the adrenaline from dealing with the spider in my shower first thing in the morning but either way. Disorientation.

Come to think of it, my brain has been on the fritz for the past two weeks as far as forgetfulness goes in a variety of ways that are both like me in scatteredness but unlike me in frequency. I might need an X Ray.

Until then I'm just going to chalk it up to too much stuff going on up in there. Much like my room.

P.S. My new roommate has a dog so I guess I have 2 new roommates. Meet Jake. He is very handsome and while he seems to have a little separation anxiety, he's a good dog. We're going to be friends.

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