Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blog #130: I might be a communist.

This 4th of July came and went and I did exactly none of these things:

Wear patriotic colors
Watch fireworks
Say the pledge of allegiance
Sing the national anthem or God bless America
Go to a cookout
Wave an American flag
Hold a sparkler
Lay out by a pool
Go to a lake
Eat corn on the cob
Sit around a camp fire
Wear a cowboy hat/boots

These are the things I did do:

Got up early for work at my 2nd job
Read a book about attachment
Played "Proud To Be an American" by lee Greenwood via YouTube.
Listened to country music
Cooked brats for myself on my George Foreman.
Drank some Boulevard Wheats
Ate some grocery store deviled eggs
Hated myself for not realizing what a great opportunity the holiday would have been to finally play the True American drinking game from New Girl.
Missed New Girl.
Went to bed early.

So I'm probably a communist. But at least I didn't run off to Canada for the holiday like SOME people I know.

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