Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog #131: Non Problem Problems.

Ugh. My life is so hard. Every time I try to be cost efficient and buy the Dove brand dry shampoo for $4 instead of my favorite splurge, the $15 Big Sexy Hair version, I end up regretting it. Why? Because I pay $4 for like one use because the sprayer always malfunctions before I can use up the whole bottle. I think I've probably purchased at least 4 Dove versions that have lost their spraying ability within the first 3 uses. I realize that ultimately I end up paying more for the Dove than for the perfectly functional yet more expensive Very Sexy brand but when I am in the moment at the store and I see $4 vs $15 I FREEZE. And I clearly continue to make the wrong choice.

And another thing! I had recently fallen in love with/been singing the praises of Benefit's "They're Real" mascara and while I still believe that it is truly wonderful, it's $18 a tube. Just the other day at Target I got myself some Maybelline "Falsies" mascara for $6 AND IT WORKS JUST AS WELL. JUST AS WELL!!! I feel like someone has been tricking me. But this revelation doesn't keep me from pining over the Urban Decay "Naked" eyeshadow palette ($50) because I have a problem.

How do I even get by??? Just Friday  as I was getting home from my flexible and gainful employment (late because I spent extra time hanging out with my boss and drinking in his office), there were no spots in the area closest to my consistent and safe apartment! I had to park like an extra 20 feet away. It was so annoying.

And I have TOO MANY CLOTHES AND SHOES. I have to pack and switch apartments this week and it's sooooo daunting. And whenever I gain weight it goes straight to my boobs making my clothes look funny and completely changing my shape so the 6ish extra pounds I'm carrying at the moment are making it seem like I don't have any clothes when I really have way too many.

Wanna punch me yet?

(Everything is a joke. Calm down.)

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