Friday, March 29, 2013

Blog #156: Big News!

This morning I got up and did my workout at the gym BEFORE work all on my own without having the accountability and $ motivation of having an appointment with my trainer!

These clothes actually got worn for their purpose today!
Granted, my motivation wasn't entirely pure. Aside from my upcoming poolside weekend in TX, my trainer has me on MWF resistance workout days.If I didn't get up early for this one, I'd have to do it after work meaning:
1. I'd be stuck inside for my workout while the sun was shining outside.
2. I'd be rushed to clean up in time for one of my all time favorite church services. (Good Friday is so powerful)
and perhaps most convincingly (though I know how admitting this makes me look)
3. I wouldn't be able to entertain the possibility of Friday happy hour at the office.

So, I was at the gym by 5:40am, warming up on the treadmill and then busting my muscles.

(What, you were expecting different news? THIS IS MY LIFE.) 

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