Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blog #153: I was funnier 5-7 years ago

I keep going back and reading my old xanga (password protected for those of you that would try to search for me) and just LAUGHING because that girl was hilarious. And not in a "I can't believe I wrote that" laughing AT kind of hilarious but just really funny. I don't think I really knew it at the time. I mean, my main goal was usually to be light hearted and jokey (as it often is here though sometimes I spend an inordinate amount of time being overly wordy and talking about my nutrition) but I guess maybe I didn't realize I was accomplishing it.  I don't feel very funny on my blogger all the time. Maybe I use up all my wit on Twitter. Probably my nearly daily xanga habit was the cause of my free flowing easy writing style. I imagine that if I kept this up as frequently maybe I could someday be that funny again.  So maybe I'll just start telling random stories about my day and seeing if I can get back in the practice of getting a laugh here and there by posting more often.

I could tell you about last Friday.

I had worked out over lunch and chosen comfy clothes to wear to work (leggings and a longish loose striped shirt and ballet flats). My boss came in for the day at 2pm (it's good to be king) and saw me with my hair in a ridiculously bad messy bun (yes, there actually is such a thing as a bad messy bun) and headband to hide my sweaty bangs. Any makeup I'd had on had likely been a victim of the gym as well. I had no reason to reapply it. He looked at me and said "Have you just given  up now? Is that it?"

This, from the same man I once witnessed conduct an interview in green tear away track pants and a black hoodie while the interviewee wore a suit and tie. But that's neither here nor there.

I probably did look pretty ridiculous for an office setting. An outfit that could basically double as pajamas would probably have been more acceptable if my face/hair were to par (which it mostly was before lunch). However it was a Friday and I had already told him that I was going to work out over lunch so I'm not sure what he expected.

It's a bit of a wake up call though. I have noticed that as I get more comfortable in a relationship my motivation to look halfway decent in anything EXCEPT for things involving the relationship (dates, group outings, family gatherings) goes away. Why do I need to look good at work? I'm not trying to impress anyone new! I might have taken this too far in the name of sleeping an extra 30 minutes in the mornings. But I'm only human.

(Please do not worry about the seeming verbal abuse from my boss. It's okay. It's the kind of rapport we have. I've made a number of comments about his wardrobe choices.)

PS I'm taking the NCE next Wednesday. Hopefully that means I'll be more marketable in my chosen field. Unfortunately that will mean that I will not have my boss to use as material for all my funny stories anymore.

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